Director - Kenneth Muskie Harris 



A Second Chance For Those In Need


Muskie Harris Monitoring & Rehab philosophy is to provide a community based on an alcohol and drug free environment. If an individual is placed in a structured chemical free environment with the means of obtaining a positive social support group,relapse prevention,family intervention and overall support,then the individual has a substantially higher chance of achieving and maintaining sobriety. Muskie Harris Monitoring & Rehab was established to provide an individual a specialized care to aid in the recovery of a person who is serious about curing themselves of this terrible addiction!


Kenneth “Muskie” Harris is a co-founder/director of Muskie Harris Recovery Service. Through his career as a court liaison, he has been working with the formerly incarcerated, as well as those addicted to drugs and alcohol for more than 20 years. In August of 2013 Muskie decided to turn his passion for helping others into a place where the transformation and transition could be optimized under his supervision. His vision for a brighter future for many men, birthed Muskie Harris Recovery Service located at 2000 Broadway in downtown Little Rock.